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Atlantic KOMBU (Granules) – 400g (14.1oz)
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Atlantic KOMBU (Granules) – 400g (14.1oz)

Price per Unit (Package): £13.89

Atlantic KOMBU (Granules) is a fat free, cholesterol free food, rich in dietary and soluble fiber, iodine, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Seaweed Iceland’s Atlantic Kombu grows wild and is harvested by hand from pure Icelandic waters. We dry it using renewable geothermal energy to bring you the highest quality food source with a low carbon footprint.

Atlantic kombu is similar to Japanese kombu, and is also known as oarweed, tangle and fingered kelp. In Icelandic, we call it hrossaþari.


  • Weight: 400g (14.1 oz).
  • Sieve Mesh: 14-35 (Granules)


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